Karlie`s Kookies are vegan & glutenfree

Supermodel Karlie Kloss create her first cookie, the Perfect 10, called „Karlie’s Kookies“. It is gluten-free, dairy-free and and sweetened with agave nectar. All the ingredients are healthy, wholesome and natural. As Karlie says, „we made this cookie that tastes amazing and has dark chocolate, but like I said, it’s very healthy“. Not only is it a healty treat, but it also gives to the less fortunate through FEED. For each cookie sold, ten meals are donated to FEED, providing food for hungry children around the world: Until now the cookie-sale made contribute over 119000 Meals!

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Ms. Kloss is very happy about this accomplishment, as she admits,“It’s a way I can combine all my passions, baking, giving back, and enjoying delicious cookies“.

karlie_cookies_shootingio Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection Launch Event - Arrivals

Karlie Kloss (geb. 3. August 1992) is an American model who was discovered at a fashion show when she was thirteen. She attributes her graceful way of moving to the balletlessonsshe took as a child.

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She has built a successful career on the runway. Kloss has appeared in advertising campaigns

all over the world since 2008. Und nun hier ihr geniales perfektes „zehner“ Cookie Rezept:


The perfect ten Cookie

1. 200g Mandelmehl

2. 100g glutenfreie Haferflocken

3. 1/2 TL Salz

4. 20g Baking Soda (Backpulver aus Natriumbicarbonat= Natron, zu bekommen in der Apotheke)

5.  1/2 TL Xanthan

6. 70g geröstete Mandelsplitter

7. 150g vegan Chocolat- Chips (oder -Splitter)

8. 1 TL Bourbon Vanille

9. 1dl Agavendicksaft

10. 2dl Olivenöl

Ca. 8 Cookies mit zwei Esslöffel formen und 6-8 Minuten bei 325 Grad im Ofen backen.



-> Fresh Mango Salsa, ein weiteres vegan Rezept von Karlie gibt es hier.

-> Video: Workout before baking and the recip you may see in this video.

-> Second Video, see how she is making one vegan curry and the ten-ingidiance cookies,

all  in the cook-show of jordan here.

-> Get the original cookies in new york here.


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