The Hermès Birkin bag is no longer timeless

Those bags made by Hermès and Prada, which are “status symbols” for wealthy customers willing to part with thousands of pounds for a single ostrich-skin accessory. The origin of the leather used for these “luxury” handbags would shock even the most hardened fashionistas.

South Africa – where these intelligent, sensitive animals are intensively farmed for their skins – is the ostrich-killing capital of the world. The farm featured in this PETA US investigation is the exclusive supplier of the infamous Hermès Birkin bags. Investigators saw juvenile birds tightly packed into open-topped vehicles for the terrifying journey to slaughter.

Once the animals reach the abattoir, workers forcibly restrain them, electrically stun them and then cut their throats. Moments later, the feathers are torn from the birds’ still-warm bodies, and they are then skinned and dismembered. Wild ostriches can live for around 40 years, but on these farms, they are slaughtered when they’re just 1 year old to be turned into fashion accessories.

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